Why You Should Read Food Label

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Nowadays all food must be labeled. But what exacly is in food label? What should we look at? Do you look at the label before you buy? That makes you feel smart,like a good consumer. Do you buy your food according to these label? What if I tell you that those labels are nothing more than a marketing tactic.

Why You Should Read Food Label
Why You Should Read Food Label

Is the product new and improved? Well, the packaging might be. What does patented formula means? It means nothing. Nothing that should concern any of us. It just means that whatever is in the stuff, is patented.

They are going to try to do everything they can do to sell you the product even if you don’t need it. What you have to determine is what is hype and what is real. On the other hand what you are after is the actual info on the foods. You just want the facts which is on the back of the label. It should tell you all you need to know.

You should see what the ingredients are. That is the only information you should know. What the serving size is and how many servings are in the container. Move on to another product and see what it says. Compare the price per serving with other brands. You can save yourself a lot of money especially when you are shopping on a budget.

If you are on a diet, you should always check the label for the info on the food such as fat, vitamins, cabs and so forth. If at any time you feel that you don’t have enough info on the products, you can always check to see if they have a website. They might be some info on it or just simply call the company.

Though they do label how much fat, they don’t tell you what kind of fat is in it. This can cause some problems if you are on a strict diet. Like I said before, try giving them a call for the info that you are looking for.

How about the foods found at the farmers market or stuff that is sold at a bake sale? You can always ask the person at the bake sale what they put in the food item. If they say it is a secret recipe, tell them it is a secret where your wallet is and walk away from them.

There is no reason why they can’t tell you what is in the things. You might ask what type of chemicals they use on their farm. They should have no problem telling you this. Don’t believe the hype on food labels. The front of the label is where they try to sell the product to you. Instead, pay close attention the portion of the label that gives you the nutrien information.