Strict Vegetarianism Is The Direct Way To The Stroke?

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Last time the vegetarianism is more and more proclaimed, you can see ads with happy people not eating meat at all. They say with confidence that everything that is alive should live, and we don’t have any rights to eat animals, by doing this we make harm to our bodies. We would be slim, totally happy and healthy if we were herbivorous.

Strict Vegetarianism Is The Direct Way To The Stroke
Strict Vegetarianism Is The Direct Way To The Stroke

Nevertheless scientists do not hurry up to agree with this opinion. Most probably, the vegetarianism is another delirium of the human race. Let’s see the problem from the part of our physiology. We have not only stomach, but intestines to digest food, to extract useful substances, including fat and acids.

For example, you would never make a dog to become a vegetarian or it will die from the leanness. The dogs’ intestines length has the same size as cats’ one, it is very small. That’s why they need meat to feed the body with all necessary substances, including proteins.

What about herbivorous? Those creatures have very long intestines relatively to the whole body, that’s why they get all necessary mineral substances from herbs. The long intestine allows getting protein and fat needed for the tissues building of the body.

How about humans, pigs or bears? They are versatile. However, as any versatile creature they yield in something to either herbivorous or carnivorous animals. For example, if a cow gets everything it needs from the herbal food due to the structure of its digestive system, while carnivorous animals provide themselves with everything by eating raw meat, such creatures as bears, humans, pigs need various food.

We can extract some vitamins from meat and fish, but we can not digest them taken from the vegetable diet. The same situation is with the vegetable food: we digest some substances and we can’t digest others. It brought scientists from Chinese University to explore the vegetarianism and its benefits. They quickly found out that people, eating only vegetable diet, are the first candidates to heart attacks and strokes.

Well, what about all these proclamations of that very healthy food? We can’t say so, because those who refused thoughtlessly to eat meat and fish show the lack of zinc, magnesium, vitamin B-12, amino acids, especially Omega-3 in their bodies. It results to the decrease of high-density lipoproteins concentration that brings to the weakening of the exterior vascular walls, to the thrombosis development, and thus it makes the direct way to heart attacks and strokes.

As we see, the vegetarianism is harmful in the same way as the excess of meat and protein food in the diet to the prejudice of the vegetable one. Again we can say that everything is good within reasonable limits. Only balanced diet can be considered as healthy and useful.