Lose Weight By Not Eating Is It Healthy

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Is it actually healthy to lose weight by not eating? I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for well over a decade now so I’ve pretty much heard it all. One of the most popular statements I hear when giving consultations to prospective clients is that they have, at one point, tried to lose weight by not eating.

Lose Weight By Not Eating Is It Healthy
Lose Weight By Not Eating Is It Healthy

While in theory it may make sense that if you restrict your caloric intake by starving yourself, you’ll lose the weight at a rapid rate. Think of all the video footage (movies) of people stranded in isolation for an extended period of time – they all look deathly skinny.

You must be able to lose weight by not eating, right? Well, yes and no. Sure, you’ll lose weight because if you don’t feed your body, your body will pretty much feed on itself in order for you to survive. As a result, your body goes into what’s known as “survival mode” and your metabolic rate drastically slows down for conservation purposes.

When people try Not Eating To Lose Weight, their metabolism slows down. Then, once they’ve lost their desired amount of weight, they return to their previous diet. Only this time, since they tried to Lose Weight By Not Eating, their metabolic rate is now slower than it previously was.

So what happens when people try not eating to lose weight? Yup, you guessed it – they gain even more weight back once they start eating again. So many people make the mistake of trying not eating to lose weight that it inspired the term “yoyo dieting”. Appropriately titled, “yoyo diets” will allow you to quickly drop weight but unfortunately, you’ll gain it back almost as rapidly as you lost it.

So rather than trying to Lose Weight By Not Eating, what’s the solution?

Let me tell you, the solution – and I’m sure you’ve heard of it before – is actually to eat more often. Eating small, yet frequent portions of nutritious food will keep your metabolic rate elevated so you’ll burn more calories throughout the day. The keyword here is “nutritious“.

You need to eat healthy fats, low glycemic carbohydrates and plenty of protein as amino acids – which are found in protein – are the building blocks of muscle tissue. Also you can follow some healthy weight loss diets, like a high fiber diet. That lays everything out for you. Follow these healthy weight loss tips and you can’t go wrong!

Many people care about their weight and try to live a healthy lifestyle and some people figured out a way how to eat cookies and lose wight rather than try to lose weight by not eating at all and gain back more.