How to Make Exercise a Priority

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Planning to exercise but never managing to actually find the time to fit it in? This is one of the biggest problems most people face when trying to increase their fitness levels. It can seem impossible to find the time to fit exercise into your daily life so it never happens.

How to Make Exercise a Priority
How to Make Exercise a Priority

Once you bite the bullet though and actually start regularly exercising you’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes a habit. Once it’s a habit you’ll just do it and then suddenly you’ll start to see results and then….it becomes fun.

All this really does happen amazingly quickly. With a little commitment and perseverance you can change from a non exerciser to a committed four days a week fanatic in a matter of a few weeks and the results will speak for themselves. You’ll feel better, more alert and more toned.

Your skin should improve, you may sleep better and you should be able to eat a less restrictive diet and still achieve or maintain the weight you desire. For a lot of people finding someone to exercise with really helps, although it might not be until you’ve been going to the gym or attending that class for a few weeks that you’ll meet someone.

If you don’t know anyone you can exercise with then ask someone at work if they want to do something at lunchtimes or you could try signing up to a buddy site and find an exercise partner online. Achieving results is the best way to sustain motivation so make sure you get some help when deciding upon your fitness plan unless you already know what works for you.

It usually a good idea to get a basic check before you start an exercise program if you haven’t exercised in a while and most gyms will check your height, weight, BMI and blood pressure as a minimum. Choosing exercise that suits you is the second key element is maintaining a routine.

Remember exercise doesn’t have to be going to the gym for an hour, although this does work for some people.  Arranging to take a brisk half hour walk with a colleague can be very effective and you’ll find that work in the afternoon seems easier if you have had a proper break from your desk.

The most important thing is to make sure that you do something that’s sustainable, that you enjoy and that you can get some real benefit from. A leisurely stroll to the pub at lunchtime is not going to cut the mustard in the exercise stakes!

Make sure that you vary the activity you undertake so that you don’t get bored. For example if you normally run on the treadmill in the gym then why not try a run outdoors, take a yoga class or use some different equipment. Also try alternating cardiovascular sessions and weights to give your days some variety and improve your muscle tome and skeletal strength.

Use music when you exercise, If you have a favourite band or type of music then put your earphones in and drift away whilst you work out. It’s amazing how fast time can pass when you are enjoying the music you are listening to.

We all have priorities in life which sit on our ‘to-do’ lists. Some of these get done and unsurprisingly others don’t! If you don’t make exercise a priority and just do it then it simply won’t happen. There are many reasons why you should make exercise important; the following are just a few.

Lack of physical activity will dramatically increase your risk of suffering coronary heart disease and ultimately dying of a heart attack.

Exercise has a positive effect on a number of medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension and lower back pain. It is no longer considered to be advisable to be inactive if suffering from back pain and so don’t use it as an excuse!

Obesity is on the increase in most parts of the western world and puts your health in serious danger. Exercise can help combat this and improve your general tone and body condition.

Exercise improves your mental agility and can significantly improve your concentration levels making you more effective. Put another way spending thirty minutes exercising could recoup you more than that in effectiveness at work – get more done in less time and fit your exercise in the freed up space!

Exercise can reduce stress levels which in turn can reduce problems such as insomnia, hypertension and coronary heart disease. With all these benefits how can you fail to make exercise a priority in your life?

The information given in this site is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for professionall advice. You should always consult your medical practitioner if you are concerned in any way about your health befoe undertaking any exercise program.