How To Eating Healthy Foods

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Everything seems nice and beautiful when we are healthy. We don’t really think about how things could change, if our health deteriorated. Many people do not realize the importance of health, until they are faced with some health issues or disorders.

How To Eating Healthy Foods
How To Eating Healthy Foods

Instead of letting the situations get out of hand, it would be in our best interest to take care of our health in our everyday lives, which means being proactive about our health.

There are two simple things you can follow, in order to stay healthy. Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. In this post, we will be talking about all the things, on how you can eat healthy food.

Farming healthy food:

With the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the quality of our soil has greatly diminished, causing overall nutritional loss on the produce. By the time the food items reach our kitchens, there will be a significant time difference caused due to transportation and other factors. This means that there will be preservatives added to keep them fresh.

A sustainable development can be found in growing healthy food by using organic farming methods. The fertility of the soil can be maintained by using organic pest control systems and fertilizers. The increasing demand for food in the world market has pushed many farmers to use chemical fertilizers.

The governments are also silent about the whole thing, as chemical fertilizers can result in increased food production to meet the ever-growing demands. They seem to have overlooked the loss of fertility on the soil where the chemicals are being used, not to mention the adverse affects caused to our ecology, health and environment.

However with the increase in petroleum prices, the chemical fertilizers have become expensive as well, and they do not offer the lucrative options to farmers anymore. The fuel prices have hugely impacted the overall economy of nations, especially the developing ones.

The chemical fertilizers not only impact the environment, they cause serious injuries to our health in the long run. The water and air also gets contaminated giving rise to growth of toxins and microbes. Even other harmless creatures and insects are killed due to these toxins.

The organic farming methods on the other hand are energy efficient, and most importantly they are Eco-friendly. They do not destroy the fertility of our soil and they reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. They also help in reducing global warming to quite an extent.

How you can eat healthy food:

Healthy eating is all about making the healthy choices. For almost a couple of decades, the USDA has been advising people to follow the pyramidal representations (My Pyramid) for making choices of on eating. You might even recall going through the pyramid stripes while you were in your schools.

If you remember the food choice Pyramid, it had 6 vertical stripes that incorporated various food groups and oils. However, there were some flaws with these systems, basically since they were influenced by people promoting their commercial interests.

MyPlate is the new My Pyramid for food choices:

Now the USDA has completely scrapped the MyPyramid icon, which is now replaced by My Plate. It is a diagrammatic presentation of a plate with four main sections that accommodate fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and a whole grain food. In addition to the four sections, the plate is accompanied by the dairy product, which looks more like the side order or a cup around the plate.

The basic concept behind My Plate is letting people know about adding more variety to the food that they eat, and more important letting them know about the quantities that are ideal for consumption in order to stay healthy.

In the My Plate image, half of the plate is taken up by fruits and vegetables, but the vegetables section is competitively bigger when compared to fruit section. However, French fries and potatoes are not considered as vegetables. On the other half of the plate, you will find the grain section being bigger than the section that is reserved for proteins.

You might want to follow this blueprint on your eating plate in order to make sure that you are making healthy choices, each and every time you take food.

Grains would mostly include cereal, rice, bread, pasta and tortillas. However, the whole grain produce like oatmeal, brown bread or the whole wheat bread are recommended because of higher fiber content. Basically, they will make you feel full and prevent your overeating habits.

Proteins are very essential for developing muscles and for replacing the tissues in our body, but the portion of proteins on our plates should always be lesser than the greens part.

The dairy side order part of My Plate can include produce like cheese, milk, yogurt, and soy milk. It would be better if you chose the dairy products that come with low fat content.

Eat Right at a Party:

Do you add up on extra calories each time you attend a party? This is a very common issue faced by many people, as they get tempted by the mouthwatering treats and dinners. However, if you fail to watch your diet, then you are bound to invite health issues in the long run.

It is not a good idea to save on appetite or stay hungry to make room for the delicious food at the parties in the night. By skipping meals you will feel tired due to lack of energy. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t go to any party on an empty stomach.

While you are at the party, choose the food items that are low in calories like boiled vegetables, and also ensure that you take small helpings. Try to avoid desserts by replacing ice creams or a piece of cake with yogurt or sherbet.

You’ll also need to slow down on your alcoholic beverages intake, as they are high in calories. Drink at least one or two glasses of water before consuming any alcoholic beverage. This will practice help you control your diet and will help you watch your weight during any festive season.

Cook quick and healthy food for you and your family:

It is very important to practice healthy eating at homes. Therefore, you need to know how to cook, how much to cook, and what to add, in order to prepare a healthy dish.

The first step to healthy cooking is to check what ingredient you want to use, and in what quantity. You’ll need to watch your hand while cooking food with items like cheese, salt, butter, sugar and oil.

Here are few of the things that will help you cook healthy meal that taste good, and have maximum health benefits:

  • Cooking food in a pan is one of the best techniques preferred for low fat dish. You could make it healthier by adding some chicken broth or vegetables. Use oil that has MUFA like peanut oil, olive oil or canola. Try to avoid butter as much as you can.
  • It is very important that you discard the animal skin while preparing a meat dish, as it contains unhealthy and saturated fat. However, if you have not removed it while cooking the meat, then you can easily remove it before eating. This way you are not only eating healthy food, but also taking good care of your heart. You could make it tasty by adding lemon, spices and herbs.
  • A punch of lemon juice on meat dishes will help in minimizing the additional calories. You could dress your cooked food with fresh vegetable salad instead of deep fried items.
  • Pick your cheese cleverly. Add natural flavors instead of cheese to your dish whenever you can.
  • Lastly, replace your sugary desserts with frozen yogurts or a bowl of fresh fruits at the end of the meal.

Eating out – The sign of an unhealthy diet

You favorite restaurant in the city could become your worst enemy, as it eventually will start taking a toll on your health and your body. Some of the food joints could be part of your fast life, especially when you don’t have much time to cook for yourself. They might appeal to your taste buds, but do you know how good they are for your health?

In order to avoid any long term health issues, you will need to make sure that you do not frequent the restaurants and make them your everyday menu. Do you how much fat a single scoop of ice-cream contains? It is equivalent to, or more than a plate of steakhouse buffet. You can try to replace it with is the some sugarless ice-creams, frozen yogurt or sherbet.

Deep fried side dishes with yummy bulging burgers are quite tempting and it is difficult to resist, especially when you are really hungry. Most of the people prefer to opt for burgers as they are easy to grab and quick to eat in between their busy schedules.

You could continue eating fast food and slowly keep ruining your body, or choose to eat healthy food like chicken salad and BBQ chicken sandwich, which amount up to only 400 calories. It is believed that you are what you eat and thus, you must watch how much and where you eat.

How can you reduce your food expenses?

There are a few misconceptions among few people who think that eating healthy is eating expensive food, or they are unaffordable. Well, let us see about how we can eat healthy yet make sure that they do not leave a big hole in our pockets.

To start with, you can try a few things by shopping smartly while you go for buying your food supplies. People usually tend to opt for convenience like eating outside which surely is expensive. Well, eating healthy means putting in efforts to make your own food, rather than going to the restaurants. Moreover, the foods at restaurants are unhealthy.

To start with, you could do shopping with discount vouchers. You could come across a lot of them over the net, but make sure that you don’t buy stuff just because you have the discount vouchers, unless you really need them. If you do so, you will actually end up spending more money on your food than you actually need to.

You could also purchase your food items from the farmers market. You could check with someone in your neighborhood if they in know where they are usually held. Basically they are the food produce that are grown locally, and they are a lot fresher than the ones that hit the grocery stores. Additionally, they are not treated with preservatives.

You can avoid buying ready-to-make or processed food. Instead, you can buy the ingredients to make your own food. It would mean putting in a little effort, but it is definitely worth it. Not only will you be saving money, you will be eating freshly prepared food.

Another way a friend using your food expenses is by buying them in bulk. This again can be a tricky situation and you will need to be released march while deciding which items to buy in bulk. If you do not end up using them, you will be wasting money instead. Nonperishable items like rice, pulses, sugar etc can be purchased in bulk. Usually the sellers offer better prices when you buy in larger quantities.

Another way for reducing the food expenses is buying seasonal fruits and vegetables. Obviously, if you buy a something that is not seasonal, it means that it has been transported from some other place, which means higher prices. Knowledge on food availability at different seasons in your locality can help you a lot in reducing food expenses.

Also, make it a point not to go shopping for supplies on a hungry stomach. Once you come across food, you’ll end up filling your stomach instead of your shopping cart. You could probably have a full glass of low-fat milk before stepping out for grocery shopping.


No matter how healthy food you eat, your body does need regular workouts. Unless you burn out the food that you eat on everyday basis, it will start accumulating as fat in your body leading to various health disorders down the line.