Effective Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

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Why it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off? Obesity is a growing issue these days, assisted with sedentary lifestyle, inactivity and improper nutrition. Statistics show that one in every three American adults are obese. Besides adult obesity, childhood obesity is also on a rise and is mushrooming at a fast rate.

Effective Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off
Effective Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Well, losing weight is not a big issue, but maintaining that weight is surely a big issue. Yet, some people find it difficult to lose weight, mainly because of the mindset, that losing weight is quite a difficult job.

Moreover, even if an individual is successful in weight loss, keeping that weight off is an obstacle for him/her, that needs a solution. The basic thing that most people do not follow is known causes of weight gain. It is the prime step to plan out weight loss routine and accomplish the set goal. Every individual has a different situation.

Common issues for people struggling with weight loss

Habits. To achieve effective weight loss it is important to change some normal habits like smoking, drinking, inactivity etc. But this changing old habits is not a cake walk and thus takes some time.

The learning curve. Most people do not know how to cook healthy food. What actually is a healthy food is not known to many out there. To add a cherry on the cake there is a lot of conflicting information available making one land in confusion.

A long term commitment. Weight loss requires a long term commitment, especially if one wants long term results. Losing weight can be exciting but maintaining it requires a good commitment, which may sometimes require permanent changes making all those good habits a stick for life. Maintenance plan is one thing that very few people follow.

Tips to help maintain good weight after loosing weight

Eat breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal an individual has after an interval of so many hours, so it is a meal that should not be skipped on any condition. People have a misconception that skipping breakfast makes them lose weight quickly, but in reality it makes one gain weight fast enough. It is a good option to avoid weight gain and have foods like various sprouts, oats, flakes, etc.

Have a low calorie food. Usually people diet during weight loss, and after achieving that aimed weight they tend to start with their regular diet. By doing so one tends to put on extra fat as body starves for a long time. It is any day advisable to have a diet wherein there is frequent consumption of nutritious food, to kick off the extra weight and have long term results. It is also required to have a low calorie meal and for about 5 times a day to promote weight loss and weight management.

Here are some hints:

  • Cut down the portions with few calories,
  • Introduce green leafy veggies and cut down chips and breads that have refined carbs,
  • Stop deep frying and roast or steam food instead.

There is no need to completely change your diet habits, instead have a combination of diet food and your everyday food, avoiding junk food.

Do regular exercise

Exercising is a must for every individual. It is the best solution to all the issues and the best way to keep almost all health issues away. It helps to increase muscle mass by boosting your metabolism. But if done beyond the limit it may give the opposite result.

Good exercise principles make you gain both good health and weight related benefits. Moreover itcan contribute in a number of ways which can all help in maintaining the weight loss. It boost’s up your self-confidence and helps improve psychological health as well. But exercise alone does not help with weight loss, it requires a good and healthy diet to be followed as well.

Stay motivated and active

See your pictures frequently since the commencement of your weight loss plan, this helps you stay motivated towards your weight loss. Have an active daily routine by doing the things you love and enjoy. You can even help yourself get motivated by trying your old clothes which over time did not fit you.

Weigh yourself once in week. Have weight check at least once a week, wherein a drop in your weight will give you immense happiness and a rise in it will make you aware and thus; you will be more focused on maintaining your weight.


Losing weight and maintaining the loss may seem like monumental, but it is one that is well worth undertaking. It has countless benefits and when viewed in the light of potential health issues that could be avoided; the benefits are known to be life-saving. Follow a plan with the above mentioned tips to avoid and overcome the obstacles and you will be on your way to achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.