Asbestos Cancer Life Expectancy

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Asbestos is a mineral material is smooth, gray and white, which is not flammable. Asbestos used in the construction industry to protect from fire and for insulation, shipbuilding and railways, electricity, Asbestos fibers are very strong and resistant to heat, electricity and chemistry.

Asbestos Cancer Life Expectancy
Asbestos Cancer Life Expectancy

This disease typically arises after exposure with asbestos materials that long with high concentrations, so the frequent occupational diseases and are categorized into special attention in the field of occupational health.

Labor was exposed by the asbestos at the time: mining, fabrication, installation or dismantling of asbestos materials are exposed to large potential disease asbestos.

Asbestos sufferers usually have symptoms: shortness of breath, and are at risk for the development of malignancies, including cancers of the lung, especially types of mesothelioma. There are 3 kinds of asbestos, namely:

  1. Chrysotile asbestos: blue
  2. Amosite asbestos: brown
  3. Chrysotile asbestos: white

All types of asbestos are dangerous, but the type of blue and brown more dangerous than white. In the industry that is often used is the type of white asbestos.

Symptoms of The Disease

  • Symptoms of the disease asbestos will look after a long exposure against asbestos, i.e. more than 10 years of exposure.
  • The main symptoms of the disease asbestos this is shortness of breath, especially while it is working.
  • When the disease was further severe than could arise failed breath and could end up with death.

Diagnosis of Asbestos

The American Thoracic Society makes the diagnosis criteria, namely:

  • Proof of the presence of asbestos at Anatomic Pathology examination or imaging
  • Evidence of long-term exposure to asbestos, e.g. from medical history.
  • There are no other causes


There is no treatment that can cure this disease. Oxygen is given when the sufferer is experiencing shortness of breath. It could also be given a nebulizer when lots of mucus and constriction of breath.

The risk of lung cancer is increasing on this disease, so that health surveillance required in the long term. The risk of increased cancer incidence when the sufferer also smoked, so it is recommended to stop smoking.

Dr Ray Harron says yes it can and he charges $125 per medical report and he can review up to 150 X-rays per day. That is a cool $18,750 for each day’s review work.

Who would have thought that a business of simply screening X-rays could be so lucrative? Let’s be clear that the medical reports are dictated by him, typed up by his staff, and then sent off to the legal team involved.

Personally I would argue that from a purely statistical point of view there are many other ways the person can become chronically sick or die. Gunshot, RTA or air crash would seem to be some of the most obvious.

How many of those who have received financial settlements from Asbestos-related torts will die from these three factors? It is quite possible that many of them will. Other diseases including heart attacks, strokes, obesity will also be the cause of many deaths.

What can an individual who has lost his business, because of asbestos claims, do when the majority of those who claimed, never contracted an asbestos-related disease or cancer? The person who made the claim could easily be dead and then there is no claim.

Wait a minute, could there be a claim on the dead person’s estate that they have received money under false pretenses? What about the attorneys who pressed the claims of their clients to the letter of the law. Are there any grounds for them being sued by defense lawyers who lost money and clients due to their tactics?

Are we being hard? No. The businesses that are bankrupt could have employed people in the current recession but the opportunity for this has been snatched away from them. Anger and bitterness can eat people up until they can do something about it.

Are we being hard or just thinking “outside the box” as to where this current series of tort cases could end up? If you have been affected by someone making a claim before they have suffered the disease from asbestos, then you should contact a good lawyer.