Art Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle 101

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Considerably, the art of living a balanced life is not an easy thing, or else everyone would be living it. It’s kind of like a buffet, where different tastes makes for different choices—but the goal is to get what you need and desire. So, here are 10 more tips to keep at hand.

Art Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle 101
Art Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle 101

1. Be Nice
Niceness is not overrated. People who are not nice create lots of unnecessary misery for themselves and others. Niceness, on the other hand, creates an abundance of extra joy and happiness.

In fact I look forward to greeting my neighbors in my usual parking garage in Tx. Because I’ve been nice to them, they are nice to me, and we start our days when we see each other with a jolt of joy.

2. Believe in Karma
If someone is not nice to you or does something bad, let the universe handle the punishment. It’s not your job, so don’t waste time on it. There is a peacefulness that comes from believing that the only actions you are responsible for are your own.

3. Be Strong, Determined and Courageous
Just because you are nice and believe in karma doesn’t mean you should let people walk over you. Know what you desire, believe in yourself, have the courage and determination to make it happen and just do it. Don’t let fear stop you!

4. Reward Yourself in Good Ways
My favorite ways to reward myself are a monthly massage (Yea! I made it through another month!), pretty jewelry that I can pass on to my daughters one day, and free time to do whatever I want that’s my favorite of all, and also the hardest to come by.

5. Laugh a Lot
This cannot be overdone. I can make almost anything seem funny if I think about it enough. I love to laugh, and I get even more joy from making others laugh I think it comes from the fact that I used humor to diffuse tension in my childhood. But hey, it worked.

6. Stop Reading, Watching Depressing or Violent Material
Is that really necessary to your life happiness? I’m not necessarily talking about the news, even though you rarely hear any praise or joyous reports, just merely negative media. I’m really talking about fiction, and entertainment. Find other ways to get a thrill, but stop getting it from other people’s pain and misery.

7. Reflect on Yourself and Your Past Deeply
If you are not happy, find out the root cause and eliminate it. If you are bothered about something, seek guidance from a mentor that you respect.

I just read two books one by Napoleon Hill, and the other by Richard Carlson: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and “Don’t Worry Make Money”, by Richard Carlson . Both books offer amazing insights into why things happen to us and how we should perceive them, and to find a solution to every challenge.

8. Try New Experiences
You actually get a tremendous boost whenever you experience something new. So take a trip somewhere you’ve never been even if it’s down a new street. Try a new activity, or take a class in something you’ve always wanted to do.

Read a book or watch a show that teaches you something new. Try a new food. You may not like it, but you will be glad to have a experienced a new food, good or bad to you.

9. Allow Yourself The Ok to Feel Desire
I have to admit, I think sexual desire is the creative life force that is the fuel for almost anything great. And yes, it is all based in your mind, so think about it. Quite frequently. It’s free, it’s awesome and it’s healthy for you.

Dwell in it, any religion or person who tries to deny or suppress desire almost invariably ends up in tragedy or misery. I believe that the God who created this universe created sexual desire as a very special gift and remedy. Use it appropriately.

10. Have Gratitude
Every night before I rest my head I thank the God above for all my blessings I’ve gotten thus far, and have yet to receive. I ask for guidance, and wisdom as well. But most importantly I feel grateful for my family, and the place I call home.

After all, everything else has just a fraction of importance compared against to those things. And I’m assuming that’s what people are talking about when they ponder how I do it all. (I put that in quotes because I certainly have a enormous list of things I haven’t experienced yet that I want to do). I know what’s truly important and what just isn’t. And for that, also, I have gratitude.

Having Gratitude is a Natural Antidepressant. For this same very reason is what the art of living a balanced life is truly about, free from misery, major illness, and having happiness!